About us

V M CROP CARE is here to tap the inner potential of plants to the maximum. It strives to bring organic revolution by providing Eco-friendly products in agricultural sector that would help in improving the plant and human health, without adversely affecting ecosystem. Central to our company policy is to source raw materials from nature which helps our products blend beautifully with nature.

Our products are developed by expert personnel who utilize only the premium quality ingredients. We have a cadre of innovative and experienced personnel who keep an eye, in the production of these products which are thoroughly inspected by our quality analysts for their quality and performance. In our products 'i' signifies 'Intelligence' 'Innovativenes'. All our products are developed in tandem with international standards.

We as a company support Organic Farming. We deal into products which are Organic in nature. We believe that Organic is way forward for world and it can bring change better for mankind. In this effort, we have lined up Eco-friendly products for leading a Green Life Style ensuring respect for Mother Earth.

Our principal promoter of the company has rich experience into agro-related business for over 30 years. He has supplied products to various state owned and central government owned Bio-fertilizer companies on large scale. Earlier, we supplied in B2B market segment only but now we have gradually moved on to retail segment to provide quality products in our own Brand name to end farmers. Our sister concern SUPREME MINERALS PVT LTD established in 1998 exports Mud-Chemicals in UAE and Saudi-Arabian countries.

"Farmer's prosperity is our priority" and we make efforts to stand firm behind the farmers and provide products as well as farm gate knowledge that would enable the farmer to maximize their farm produce- Qualitatively and Quantitatively.

Quality Policy :

We are committed to provide quality products with total reliability and excellent services to farmers.

Moral Responsibilities :

  • To PROTECT the Environment to "LIVE & LET LIVE."

Pricing :

  • Our experienced technical team helps us to control cost with the best possible quality thus, allowing us to offer you products at most competitive pricing.

Packaging :

  • We provide customized packaging of all sizes- small, medium and large as per requirement.

Mission :

  • To bring smile on every Farmers face.

vision :

  • To provide complete Organic Solutions in agriculture sector.

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